Founder and CEO, WIE
New York, NY
@deepoku  @wienetwork

What is the best career advice you ever received and from whom?

It was from a friend — a very successful entrepreneur. I was in the early stages of
launching my business and feeling down after getting a bunch of no’s. My friend was
puzzled by my dejection. “Rejection just spurs me to try harder and prove them
wrong,” he said. That philosophy has carried me forward ever since.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Founding WIE is definitely my greatest achievement. I’m proud of so many things in
my life: my wonderful family, my career, the many movies I helped market. But WIE
is a culmination of all those things. The ability to use my experiences to empower
women to succeed energizes me like nothing else.

Describe your typical morning.

Monday mornings are a little crazy. My 2‑year‑old is up by 6.30am and calling for
mummy. He wants juice, he wants me to play, he just wants. I need to get him
washed, dressed, fed and pack his lunch for school, all while responding to emails
and troubleshooting. I just about make it to work on time with clean clothes. It’s two
hours of mania!

If you could have dinner with one person, living or deceased, who would it be
and why?

Definitely Steve Jobs. He was a visionary and a maverick. He was a flawed leader but
he inspired people to do their best work. I’d love to pick his brain on how to stay fresh
and motivated, to continue innovating and to stay focused on your goals.

How do you relax, unwind and recharge?

Hmmm. Just putting my iPhone down for a few minutes helps! And meditation really
focuses the mind. I learned transcendental meditation at the David Lynch Foundation.
They say 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to getting a full night’s sleep. I also
love yoga and running but I’ve been a bit lax recently.

What question would you ask another Woman of Note?

How do you prioritize and stop yourself from multi-tasking? I’m very guilty of jumping
from task to task. I’m answering this questionnaire while responding to emails and
tweeting. Must stop…