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CEO and President, Crystal Cruises

Los Angeles, CA & Miami, FL

Tell us about your professional background.
I’ve been in the travel industry for over 34 years. Starting out as a travel consultant, I was
quickly promoted to management and then to the executive level. From the agency side,
I then moved over to Amadeus, the global distribution system, and ran their cruise line

division. From there, I progressed to the cruise line side. Having worked for a few lines in
the industry, luxury was always my passion. As a result, it was the perfect fit when Crystal
called. I’ve been at Crystal just under two years now and it has been the best time in my
whole career. I’m enjoying every second.

What is the best career advice you ever received and from whom?
It was to find my passion and follow it because work becomes life and life becomes work,
so you need to really love what you do. I followed my wonderful mother’s advice.

What surprises you most about your career?
How it truly is a small world and all of these wonderful people that you meet in business
around the world, you can keep up with and in touch with in real time thanks to
today’s technology.

If you were a cruise ship, what would your name be and what would be your best
selling point?
Crystal Esprit because I would have a submarine on board and visit the Seychelles
and the Adriatic Coast seasonally. By the way, Esprit departs on her first sailing on
December 23, 2015.

We’re guessing you have a travel bucket list. Which destination are you hoping to
cross off next?
I’ve been to over a hundred countries and all seven continents, but I still have many more
places to go in my goal of visiting every country in the world. My current bucket list
country to cross off is Namibia. I’m planning to go there in the spring.

Answer this question from Elizabeth Vazquez, July’s Up Close & Notable featured
member: What will be your legacy?
On a business level, I hope that it will be how game changing our full Crystal brand portfolio
becomes, just as our cruise brand is already. On a personal note, it will be a charity cause
that I can really give back to, as I have been so blessed in my own life. I want to help others
even more than I do today, but in a more robust way than I’m able to do today due to my
time constraints. I’m trying to figure out the right cause now and that cause will become one
of my legacies. Additionally, I always enjoy being a mentor to young people starting out to
help them figure out their own best journeys. Lastly, my son Max will truly be my legacy in
that bringing a child into this world is the greatest legacy of all. Hopefully, all of these
combined will become my legacies.

What question would you ask another Woman of Note?
What advice would you give a career woman in balancing it all (life, family, spouse, etc.) and
still managing to take care of yourself in these 24/7/365 business times that we are living in?