Senior Fashion Director, Barneys New York

New York, NY


What is the best career advice you ever received and from whom?

When you spend so much of your time working, finding and developing a passion through

work is what will fuel your energy and keep you inspired.This is something I’ve come to

naturally learn through all of the incredibly talented people I meet and work with through

my job.

As the set of eyes for Barneys, who/where do you take inspiration from?

From my travels, whether for work or for pleasure… I love exploring and experiencing new

things/places. I find inspiration in the energy of different cities and environments.

How do you relax, unwind and recharge?

Spending time with my oldest, closest friends who don’t talk fashion.

This or that. Are you more likely to invest in a classic wardrobe staple or a statement

piece? With that in mind, what specific item would you recommend investing in

for spring?

A classic wardrobe staple. The beautifully designed handbags from Delvaux will last a

lifetime and will remain in style forever. They’ve been making leather goods since 1829 at

the highest level of craftsmanship.

What was the last item you bought?

A pair of George Esquivel handmade oxfords (it’s rare to find “Made in the USA”

shoes)… these I know I’ll still wear five years from now.

What question would you ask another Woman of Note?

If you could only have one job for the rest of your life, what would it be?