WSJ. Magazine TASTE Reception

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, WSJ. Magazine brought a bit of its TASTE to the West Coast to celebrate Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, who were featured in the April issue. The evening consisted of a reception featuring a custom selection of Choi’s appetizers and wine pourings from Penfolds, followed by a panel discussion.

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  • AtmospherePhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • Daniel Patterson, Roy Choi, Howie KahnPhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Daniel Patterson, Roy Choi, Howie Kahn
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • Price Arena, Anthony CennamePhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Price Arena, Anthony Cenname
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • The Line HotelPhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    The Line Hotel
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • Sarah Mascall, Ina Wakins, Alison KaplanPhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Sarah Mascall, Ina Wakins, Alison Kaplan
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • Tim Blanks, Lisa EisnerPhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Tim Blanks, Lisa Eisner
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/  

  • Penfolds Bottle DisplayPhoto Credit: Angela Pham/

    Penfolds Bottle Display
    Photo Credit: Angela Pham/